March 2015

DMB-Diagnostics takes over the exclusive distribution of moleculargenetic assays of the company The Biofactory, Singapore. The Biofactory is specialized in the development of PCR based assays for the difficult to measure trinucleotide repeat disorders (Fragile X Syndrome, Chorea Huntington Disease and Myotinic Dystrophy).

Initially a newly developed triple primed PCR assay for the determination of the Fragile X Syndrome will be launched. Besides the trisomie 21 the second most common chromosomal disorder and a major reason for infertility of women (primary ovarian failure). Patients with this syndrome are mentally retarded but can be supported by certain treatment methods. 

Further assays for Chorea Huntington and the Myotonic Dystrophy are under development and will be launched 2016/2017. All products will have a CE mark.