Maintrac Packaging Instructions


If there is no distributor in your country, please download a copy of the request form and take it with you to the next appointment with your treating practitioner. Please discuss your eligibility with your treating practitioner. Please read the information below in regards to the test process. Please read this webpage thorouhly. For enquiries, please phone +49 921 850 200

Practitioners: If you would like to discuss test selection criteria with our Medical Director, please phone:

+49 921 850 200

Please note: In order for the collection sample to be viable on receipt in Germany, timing and transport of the sample is critical. Blood collection should happen on  Monday or Tuesday to guarantee delivery within 72h to the laboratory in Germany. Patients should check before blood draw with the courier service if an express transportation of 72 h to Bayreuth in Germany is feasible!



Maintrac Order Instructions: 

Complete orderform: To order a test, please download and complete a copy of the test request form above. abhakenThe test must first be authorised by a certified, registered health practitioner and associated medical history information provided. Please read the form carefully and fill in both pages of the form. Patients are to fill in the lower sections on the second page of the form and practitioners are to fill in the rest of the form.

Signatures: Please ensure both practitioner and patients have signed the request form in the appropriate places. The Laboratory will not proceed with the test unless these signatures are present. This is legality and is strictly adhered to.

Send the filled in test request form to DMB-Diagnostics GmbH to complete the order. The form can either be faxed +4933224248729 or scanned and emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Test requests will only be processed if signatures and payment details are completed.



Practitioners and patients must discuss where the blood collection takes place. This may be at the practitioner's clinic or at a local pathology centre.

Requirements (all patients):

Blood collection and courier pick-up must take place on a Monday or Tuesday. The package has to contain standard EDTA blood collection tubes (1-3 pcs or in total 15ml whole blood). Tubes have to be marked with name and patient's date of birth, same as on the filled in order form.

Please print out the address lable, importtant is the note: "Exhempt Human Specimen" and fix it on the transportation box/bag.


Packaging: To fullfill international shipping requirements please pack as followed:

1. 1-3 EDTA blood collection tubes filled in total with 15ml whole blood plus name and birth date

2. Wrap the fleece around the tubes and put it into a sealable plastic bag

3. put the plastic bag with tubes and fleece into a paper box or cushioned envelope together with the orderform 

4. stick the address lable "Exhempt Human Specimen" with the German laboratory address on the box

5. send the box via courier service within 72h to the laboratory in Germany

1   +    2     +     3    +    6    +    4
Wrap blood tubes in fleece and put in plastic bag   Completed Maintrac order form   Paper box or cushioned envelope   Altogether into the box / envelope   Stick the lable on the box / envelope



Please bring the box to the next courier service center to be sure it will reach Germany within 72h. Temperature range should be 16-25°C.

Once the kit has been sent, please inform us by fax (+49 40-450 63 260) or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with details of the courier consignment, so that the laboratory can expect the arrival of the test.

Before proceeding with your test ensure you have

  • Decided where to get the blood draw done,
  • Red the test instructions on this page carefully,
  • Planned the dispatch and courier. Within 72h it has to be in Germany

At any time, please feel free to contact us on +49 921 850 200



5Test results will be sent to the requesting practitioner (and/or to the patient if marked on the orderform) within ~7-10 days. Please note the Tumour Sphere Units test requires to grow cell cultures and results may take 4-6 weeks.








Packaging summary here.



Add the € amount of the ordered measurements and please transfer the money via bank transfer (SEPA, in EU) as soon as you send in blood samples. We will issue an invoice to your address (email-attachment if possible) Payment options:  Money transfer or credit card



DMB-Diagnostics GmbH

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IBAN: 02 1005 0000 0190 3256 58



Credit card:

Fill in all your credit card details on the order form.

We will withdraw the money automatically from your acount.

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