FastFraX™ FMR1 Sizing Kit

The FastFraX™ FMR1 Sizing Kit examines the expansion size of CGG repeats. Based on the reported number of repeats, samples can be classified as normal, premutation or full mutation. With the improved direct triplet-primed PCR formulation, up to 200 CGG repeats can be easily resolved via capillary electrophoresis. FMR1 alleles with over 200 CGG repeats are also detected.


Key Features:

  • Quantification of up to 200 CGG repeats
  • Detection of alleles with >200 CGG repeats
  • Resolution of female zygosity
  • Indication of AGG interruption

Confirmatory sizing test for:

  • Sperm/Egg donor status (in-vitro fertilisation)
  • Premutation carrier status


Performance Summary

Representative CE profiles of different FMR1 genotypes. The size range of CE profiles expands with the number of repeats.  The 715 bp mark is typically where the peak of 200 repeats occurs.