Invitation of the European Commission

Bayreuth - As one of the 15 most innovative European companies SIMFO GmbH was invited by the European Commission to the Bio International Convention (BIO) 2017 to present maintrac® liquid biopsy under the patronage of the EU. Small and medium-sized enterprises are given the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information about the US healthcare and biotech market.

At BIO, more than 16,000 biotechnology and pharmaceutical executives are expected to jointly explore new opportunities and promising partnerships. David Cameron, former Prime Minister of Great Britain, will give the opening speech.

Maintrac® is an innovative analysis platform in cancer diagnostics and therapy monitoring. Maintrac® identifies and quantifies the tumor cells (circulating tumor cells) in the blood sample of a cancer patient and analyzes the efficacy of selected drugs. In clinical trials with more than 650 patients, maintrac® has demonstrated that monitoring CETC in the adjuvant situation, during maintenance and antibody therapy in breast cancer has significant benefits. Possible relapses can be recognized at an early stage.

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