DMB-Diagnostics - Specialist for non-invasive Prenatal-Diagnostics

First Trimester Screening
Dr. Burow was many year working for Brahms/Thermofisher as Area-Manger Asia-Pacific with a focus on First and Second Trimester Screening. The Brahms products are the gold standard for the risk calculation of a Trisomy 21, 18 and 13.
NIPT- Life Codexx AG
As Consultant for LifeCodexx AG we developed until 2014 the European markets. Focus was on Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Turkey. Further countries were Hungary and Bulgaria.
As planned LifeCodexx is nowadays working on these countries on its own.
For New Customers
We like to support you in market development for NIPT assay technologies.
No matter wether it is NGS or PCR based, if it is working with MPS, targeted or SNP based, we know the KOLs and respective distributors who can introduce your product fast and efficient into the market.


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